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Five years ago, one of our physician advisors was offered the opportunity to beincluded in a „Leading Medicine Guide“ by an agency. The promise: He wouldbe known as an expert among experts, and his business would explode. The feewas about $10,000, and he received a beautifully framed and decoratedcertificate for his practice wall. In fact, he was added to an online registry, alongwith thousands of others. A total scam!

This experience was the starting point for the development of „The Real Thing.“ Medicine is about the most valuable commodity in life: Health! In order toprevent or cure a disease, one must learn about the best and most provenmethods. Since nowadays anyone can claim to be or do „the best“ simply byputting words on a website, we now fight back!

We have created nothing less than the first objective rating system for truemedical quality. It uses natural and artificial intelligence instead of opinion, bias, or purchased advertising. So people can be sure they can follow a recommendation with a clear conscience.

And because most of our consultants suggested it, we started with a neglected, small segment of medicine: PHLEBOLOGY.


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